Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to help you cope with loss of income, shrinking resources, boredom, and all other issues that happen within circumstances such as this.

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What’s a person to do?

Well panicking is DEFINITELY not the answer. That just sends stress hormones and if you’re dealing with depression and/or anxiety? It makes everything worse. Here’s a short list of things you can do immediately to calm your mind:

Mental health and wellness tips:

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  1. Take your meds! If you’re on any type of prescriptions, take them as prescribed. Missing doses, especially depression or anxiety medications, can cause more issues, allowing symptoms previously kept at bay to resurface and destroy whatever progress you’ve made during your treatment! …

Given the stigma with high kill shelters and the likelihood of animals dying upon arrival, don’t you think that choosing these animals FIRST would save more lives than denying these animals a chance?

Look at these beautiful loving animals! At the time of this writing, these are probably already gone. Animals who had no say in being brought into the world and no say in where they end up. They have no voice. We must be their voices.

These animals don’t have the choice. They were surrendered by owners who couldn’t care for them. I’m not in the mood to discuss why these owners gave them up, only that they’re stuck where they don’t belong and will be euthanized if we don’t adopt them! I grieve every day for every animal that is not saved in time.

If you have the space, consider beginning a rescue with the number of dogs you are comfortably able to support.

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We are living in unprecedented times! How do we cope as countries are becoming hotbeds of viral activity? Well, there are a few concrete things you can do now to help slow the spread.

What’s a person to do when all we hear about are climbing death rates, numbers of infected patients rising, etc etc? We walk through the stores and so much is just gone. These times are full of fear and uncertainty and we aren’t really sure what to do, if anything. Here are some suggestions for you to be mindful of those around you and to help cut down on the spread of all germs and viruses, not just our current disease under the microscope.

  1. Wash your hands… use the hand sanitizer you bought, or donate your extras to those who don’t have any. Hoarding it all won’t help, as this virus will spread more if those who don’t have any don’t get any. …


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Crypto-Enthusiast, Lover of knowledge, Hope Spreader, Peace advocate, Social equality promoter, Aspiring writer, Childcare Teacher. Mother

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