Sometimes You Don’t Have a Good Day at Work

Tami Nieto
Tami Nieto with

Wake up, get dressed, drag everyone out of bed,

Get out the door and oops husband’s late for work.

Get home, finish dressing for work, and kids take twenty five years to get out the door,

now you’re late for work.

You’re placed in a classroom where you feel out of control,

The kids don’t listen and destroy your classroom no matter what you say.

Darn this sucks! But wait! It gets worse.

On your way out you get reamed because you forgot something important.

Now your boss is upset because they have a kid in the car and are having to deal with an angry parent.

Feelings of anxiety and anger and embarrassment stir in your mind.

There’s no time to decompress because you have to sit in a dirty car with no room to breathe.

Then your kids won’t leave you alone while you’re working at your other at home jobs.

Frustration all around and the kids are STILL awake.

Now you get a request to wipe your child’s butt…but he’s too old for this crap. Just go to bed already!

Yep, not a great day. I don’t like feeling like this.

Oh yeah and you have to tell everyone in your house at least three times, with the last time being a yell to get them to listen or stop whatever they’re doing.

I am so glad it’s the weekend.

Tami Nieto

Written by

Crypto-Enthusiast, Lover of knowledge, Hope Spreader, Peace advocate, Social equality promoter, Aspiring writer, Childcare Teacher. Mother

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