Thoughts on my own experience of Homelessness and Poverty

Tami Nieto

When you have children, things like being homeless, living out of your car, or not having anywhere clean, warm, and dry start becoming really scary! I’ve been there, done it, and have only recently been able to talk about the struggles I’ve faced with homelessness and poverty. Without some serious help, I’m pretty sure that I’d still be in the same situation or worse. Driving past the droves of homeless individuals daily reminds me of where I could have been had I not been able to get my family out of where we were.

We never did any of the things that you’d think were the “reason” people become homeless. My husband worked his tail off, I worked whenever I could and when I was able to have my children taken care of in my absence or switching off care with my husband. We paid our rent, stayed clean of any type of drugs, but still lost everything multiple times. Don’t ever think that it won’t happen to you because of your good job or whatever…financial solvency is just one lost job, destroyed car, or even loss of childcare away for many many people!

I cannot even count the number of times my children had a meal and I got by with a bite or two of each of their food for the entire day. Even now my kids always ask me if I want some to “check it” (code for mommy won’t eat if I don’t get a single bite and I don’t want you to feel like you’re the reason I starved to death). Thankfully we’re nowhere near as desperate as we were, even though half the time my fridge and pantry are almost empty.

A lot of why I’m so positive now is that I maintain the perspective that I’ve been through hell and back and bounced back up, so nothing life throws at me won’t keep me down for long. I will survive, I will get back up, and nothing will stop me from continuing to work toward financial freedom.

Tami Nieto

Written by

Crypto-Enthusiast, Lover of knowledge, Hope Spreader, Peace advocate, Social equality promoter, Aspiring writer, Childcare Teacher. Mother

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