Are Programmers Headed Toward Another Bursting Bubble?
Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

Too much of disruption is happening in the field of technology. Machines taking over lots of tasks, Smart of Everything (homes, devices, etc.,) — in near future — in every possible field.

The intellect needed to be an average programmer — the legion of middle-class programmers — is to know: basic control structures, syntax and skills of scouring Stackoverflow. Scarcity of resources with these rudimentary skills has given rise to enormous job opportunities for the regular computer science graduates with no knowledge of data structures and algorithms. And this kind of skill-gap drove the IT industry resulting in students pursuing name sake graduation (and post graduation) in the field of computers, which in turn created plethora of educational institutions to cater to the demand. This has created a huge dearth of quality in terms of average programming skills which is higher now with AI.

The point to note here is that, with the advent of the AI a lot of cheap-to-moderate skills will vanish in the IT industry resulting in chaos amongst jobs seekers. Identifying the choice of course and curriculum becomes imperative for the students now, more than ever. Hope the educational institutions can device the right courses for the students with the help of corporates and technology evangelists, for the posterity.