What Causes Shingle Granule Loss?

Prized for their durability, protection and longevity, asphalt shingle roofs continue to be among the most popular types of roofing. One of the ways asphalt shingles have been perfected over the years is with granules. Shingle granules shield the shingles from UV rays and increase their fire resistance. Without the granules, the shingle is left exposed to sunlight, which will cause it to deteriorate. There are a number of factors that can cause shingles to lose their granules. This blog post will discuss those factors in more detail so you can help avoid damage.

If your shingles are losing their granules, you may find them in your yard or rain gutters. TAMKO Building Products recommends contacting your certified roofing professional for an inspection and repairs if your roof is experiencing granule loss.

Your Roof Is Old

Aging roofs can experience shingle granule loss. As roofs age, the bond between the granules and the asphalt shingle become looser, allowing the granules to fall off. If your granules are falling off due to roof age, then you should consider replacing your roof.

Your Roof Is New

If you’ve just purchased a new roof, then you may be experiencing granule loss. The granules are embedded into the asphalt when the shingles are manufactured. But, some excess granules may have become linked with the embedded granules, though they were not embedded themselves. The excess granules that are not embedded into the asphalt may fall off during packaging, shipping or installation or after a rainfall. If you notice granule loss on your new roof, inspect the shingles to ensure the embedded granules are still intact. If your shingles seem to be losing the granules prematurely, then contact your roofing company because the product might be defective.

Your Shingles Are Blistering

Blistering shingles can also result in the loss of granules. Aging, wear and tear, or a storm event can cause moisture to get stuck inside the shingles, which can cause them to blister. If your shingles are blistering and losing their shingles, your roof is in definite need of repair.

Additional Causes

  • Especially with older roofs, foot traffic can cause shingle wear and granule loss.
  • Over time, normal weathering can cause your granules to become looser and eventually fall off.
  • Major storm events, such as hail storms, can loosen and/or remove the granules.

Shingle granule loss does not always mean you need a full roof replacement. Contact an experienced and certified roofing technician to inspect your roof and perform the appropriate repairs.

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