Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

This election has shown me sides of my fellow Americans I thought had long since been overturned and I know this is the issue I am struggling the most with because of this election. I refused to believe there was a race issue still boiling here in America, I mean, we voted in a black president. I honestly thought that signaled the end of race wars here. Naïve I was, perhaps still am.

Growing up poor and in a very diverse state/city, I grew up along side black children and children of all colors and races; ethnicities and beliefs and I never saw the people beside me or around me as anything other than people. As people tend to do — since I did not see race, religion, heritage as any different than I was, I wrongly thought we had gotten past that and we were just, well, people. People who feel, who hurt, who all want the same things, who celebrate, who live and who die.

Even when I moved down south, although there was an undercurrent of racism, I think I just shut my eyes to it because it just wasn’t something I carried or understood.

It hurts to see the divide in this country really show all of its ugliness in this election. It hurts to see my fellow American killing each other in the streets; it pains me greatly that hateful, low blow, sensationalized candidates running for our greatest office win. To me it’s a loss that means more than him v. her. It’s a loss of the last little bit of innocence I had left inside of me.

All I can do as one person, one voice, one set of hands is intervene whenever I see a wrong being done against another — and you bet your @ss that I do and will. I can never turn a blind eye, downcast my eyes and move past any situation where I encounter another person who is being bullied, belittled or harassed based on their sex, sexual preference, race, religion or color.

There’s a definite sad, disgusting, even evil undercurrent that has now been glaringly and hatefully thrust forward for everyone to see in my country and it pains and disgusts me.