Being Fat does not mean Failure!

FAT is the word I often associated with failure. I looked at my physical body as a hindrance to my success. I realized the other day that I was not alone, so many plus size women are hiding, not reaching their goals because being Fat means they are not acceptable in society. Being plagued with, I don’t look good enough to speak in front of an audience. I don’t look good enough to write a book. I don’t look good enough to act. I don’t look good enough to motivate children. I don’t look good enough to sing in a crowd of millions. STOP! YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I am here to tell you your weight does not determine your worth. I had to wake up and realize being a beautiful, curvy woman, plus size, fat, heavy set, chunky and so on and so forth was not a limitation but an enhancement. So why are we allowing the word, Fat to stop us from moving in the direction and fulfilling our purpose in life? Why are we writing off our dreams because we feel we need to fit in society’s mold versus breaking it?

We give a three letter word too much power. Fat used in the wrong way has torn down self-esteem, courage, and fat will never be able to define you. It can only have power if you give it life.

It is time to erase what is considered not acceptable and make it acceptable. You want to be a life coach, go get certified. You want to sing, and you have that voice go do it. Sing as loud as you can. You want to help teens, go do it but stop using the size of your body as an excuse. Stop sitting in the scary cat corner like I use to do and be bold enough to step out of your comfort zone. Make the decision to let the world embrace you. Screw the haters they are there. Screw the naysayers. Screw the folks laughing and pointing that’s all they are ever going to do but you are a Go-getter. You have the courage to step out, and shine like the diamond you are.

Get out of believing FAT is Failure. Get out of believing that how you look , or the size of your waist determines your destiny. God made you for a reason and a purpose. If he wanted you to be like every one else he would have designed you to be a follower. Leaders stand out. Leaders dare even when they are shaking in their heels.

Starting today, we are going to step out of fear, we are going to reboot the week, and be bold enough to step out, and get it. We are going to make a decision to go get what is ours because we deserve it. We will not let our thoughts limit our actions. We are so worthy of the best of life.

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