You think you know HER!

In the public eye she is put together perfect as a puzzle
But little do you know is the riddle of HER.
You see her pretty smile, her dress beautifully, her voice speaks nothing but strength
But little do you know she is weakening.
You think you know HER
You think you understand HER
She is victorious
She is beauty
She is the essence of positive and a woman of Godly behavior.
So you think YOU Know HER!
Under her exterior is the HER you don’t know
The interior make-up is what is hidden under layers of pain
Drowning in secret sorrows
The crowd pleaser living unhappily
The Godly woman breaking down
Her smile washed away in tears
She is a puzzle with missing pieces
She doesn’t have all the answers especially when it comes to HER
Mrs. Fix it can’t understand what is ailing her
She has replaced what she wants with the things she doesn’t need
She takes off the designer suits
She takes off the expensive shoes
She removes layers of the facade and there it reveals HER
The accolades, the awards and rewards don’t cure the feeling of absent love
Sisterhood, womanhood, friends by the thousands and yet she is lonely
Money, power and fame she is surrounded by
Perfect world for the perfect woman
Yet in her world she is broken pieces of glass
Shattering by the second
She is naked 
She is pain
She is empty
Degrees upon degrees and yet she is not a scholar of HER
You think You know HER
You think YOU understand HER
Sister girl, you really don’t HER
Take a minute look deeper than what you see
Take a minute and look past her perfect image and see
the tear stains.
See she is dying and falling apart.
©2014 Tamyara Brown-Tamluvstowrite

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