My Pursuit to Happiness & Peace!

It is raining, and my internet is down so here I am traveling on the No.6 bus to write this article. The downpour is heavy and so is the feeling in my heart about writing and my life. I wonder where it may take me and whether I am taking the right steps. A few days ago, I told my friend, Nita, I wanted to give up on writing. She reminded me, “Writing was something she wouldn’t allow me to give up. You live and breathe writing words on paper and typing it on paper.” She is right, and it is why I do it.

I’m on a mission to finding happiness in every aspect of my life and the process becoming a better person. Next week will be my 42nd birthday, and I am chasing the biggest pursuit of a lifetime- Happiness and Peace! It is my lifetime journey, and I am on a mission before I die to fulfill it. Writing a best-selling novel and people all over the world reading my post, writing for Huffington Post and Essence Magazine are my life goals.

In my personal life, I am on a quest for living the life I’ve always desired. To not cry so much and smile even the chips are down to let faith take over when fear sets in. I would like to see my best through the eyes of Tamyara because my vision is blurry when it comes to seeing me in the light of greatness. To wake up happy for no reason at all.

What is happiness to Tamyara?

Writing and reading a good novel makes me happy. When I spend time with my grandchildren or playing a game with my sons or daughters. I am still in search of the missing pieces of me, and my heart seems unfulfilled. I am getting back to Happy for Tamyara and being honest; I am searching for it every day inside of me.

I know for sure that quitting on what I love is the answer and whether one person or ten thousand people read my posts. At least I continue to try and not give up. I have a dream to fulfill and all my effort to make it happen. One post at a time. One article at a time, one poem, one novel and the true belief in me.

As for peace it is coming and I know it. I believe from the depths of my souls it will happen. I need to change somethings and shift. It may mean relocating and letting go of certain things and people who stress me out. Making hard decisions and not looking back.

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