My Story isn’t over Yet!

It begins every day I wake up. I own the pen and mistakes have become my message. What tried to break me could easily have killed me. What has made me cry later in life makes me smile today. Prayer, counseling, and medication to manage depression . Taking ownership of my life and putting me first. Days when I thought I’d never make it or lost at life God reminded me I have a purpose . I came to realization my story isn’t over yet.

Today, is another year and if nothing else a reason to celebrate my life’s journey. Happy Birthday to me!

I am blessed to be the mother six beautiful children, four grands, and several of their friends. To know when they work my nerves they find a way to make me smile. They drive me crazy but I choose to love them. Love them on the worst days. It is being their mother I learned my own strength taught me to love easily and unconditionally.

What tried to kill me, break me, and drive me insane only empowered me . I’ve survived. I became a warrior and let the world know, “I am here and beautiful.”

I am beautifully scarred, but doing what I love to do write. I have permission to create and design. I am Writer. My freedom to be a weirdo and crazy but accept it.

I take risks win, lose, or draw. I’ve become depress but I’ve learn to seek help. I’ve screwed up but yet I’ve grown and still growing.

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