The Act of Selfies! Our Biggest Sham To Date.

Five hundred likes, your picture goes viral, the perfect hair, make-up, and clothes. Your smile in that freeze frame, picture perfect moment shows you living the perfect life. Living your “la vida loca” and no one can tell you shit. The selfie tells the story of a woman or man who has it going on. Perfect, in complete control, perfect family, your life in a snapshot is what you should envy. What if I told everyone who has taken a selfie that didn’t tell their true feelings at least once? That they too have participated in the biggest sham.

Some of my best selfies tell a story of a woman who has it together. A life organized, business is on point and my life is perfection. Here is my secret minutes before striking a pose I’ve cried my hardest tears. Hid my frown with a smile. That shy smile has been my cover up of disappointments and setbacks.

What if we had the courage to share our actual moods, moments, and our true selves? Shatter the definition of beauty being perfection and allowing imperfection become the true meaning. Take away the Maybelline, let our hair be wild, in our pajamas and shoot our true self-portrait.

Capture the moment someone has broken our hearts, made us feel like a piece of garbage. The days we aren’t feeling well or in a pissed off mood. It is time to stop playing pretend for social media . It is time to show the world through our self-portrait we didn’t wake up flawless. Sometimes we wake up with crust in our eyes, dried slob, and a serious case of bed hair.

The biggest gift in a selfie moment is loving yourself in your not so cute days.

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