Snap whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Discovering the glory of snapchat

For those of you who are over 30, not overly techie, not famous…just ordinary humans such as moi…you may not be that familiar with Snapchat…but you will be. It’s the future people! So don’t stress cause neither was I — but once I downloaded it onto my android (sorry to my iPhone people who snickered right now while reading this) it opened up a whole new world to me.

Yes I’m that girl that instagrams selfies and food — sue me! I’m that chick who tweets random thoughts, bible verses and now playing tracks. Don’t judge me, just love me!

Social media is about being SOCIAL. It’s about sharing moments. Yes, some people take it tooooooooo far and overload it with half naked pics, photoshopped selfies, overly positive clichés or self-help phrases, diary like essays on Facebook about struggles, lives and love. That’s when it goes from social to suicidal media - the kind of media to make you wanna slit your damn wrist. That’s the time I unfollow, unfriend or block your ass.

But Snapchat is a platform to record videos or take pics of whatever…publish them as stories for followers to view as many times as they like for up to 24hrs — before it deletes itself. You can also follow interesting people, celebrities and brands. You can even send personal video messages or text messages instantly. It’s pretty cool.

For me it’s like starring in my own little biopic or documentary. Moments captured long enough to share with others but not permanently there on your feed…you can however, save your own snaps if you want.

So I want to urge you to give it a try. Find people to check out. Snap a few moments. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Learn something new. Get inspired by others.

I’ve been inspired by a few snappers. People who are doing life and snapping too. Giving me an insight to their hustle, their grind, their brands, their lives. Some famous, some almost famous and others who are just normal individuals that are successful in whatever their “thing” is right now.

One thing they all have in common — HARDWORK. I could add ambition, drive and a sense of self-confidence, if I were making a list.

So I thought I’d leave you with a few of my favs:

Hectic Nine 9 is the account of the live tv show I work for. It’s a national youth show on SABC 2. I love the behind the scenes of tv…

Hannah is a DJ, model and fitness fundi from Manhattan. I just love her cause she is real and always shares cool fitness vids.

This guy…you may know. He is a comedian currently on the rise. Acting in just about everything. Love him or hate him…Kevin Hart is funny. He lives a different life…a big life…it’s fun to check out.

This chick is crazy, cool, uncensored and sometimes not fully clothed…but very entertaining. YesJulz is one of Snapchat’s biggest users. She has a large following and uses the platform for business & play. She’s made a career out of it too. Based in Miami, she has such a cool story. Research her, check out her snap. You’ll find that it can become addictive to watch!

And finally…

This girl…she’s me! I’m her! I’m still a newbie to Snapchat but it’s fun. I’m not on my list of favs haha that would be weird but I am social — so consider this an invite into my world. Join in on the snapping experience.

Thank me later!