Fall Frustration….!” or “Yes, I’m whining about the heat again….”

Ok, I can’t be the only person in hotter climates to get a little frustrated this time of year. You’ve seen all the beautiful images in the magazines. The fall leaf colors just jump off the page, the bonfires look like so much fun, let’s make one of those fantastic wreaths out of leaves and pinecones! Here in Central Florida we won’t see “fall” until….well….maybe a couple of cooler days in December?I feel so sorry for the kids on Halloween that are actually baking in their costumes. So, you see when I see all the great fall recipes, decorations and clothes I get a little gloomy. Hobby Lobby sends me into an absolute depressed state when I see all their fall decorations, although they do sell fake leaves so we can maybe make that wreath after all!

fall frust fall1


Don’t get me wrong, I do feel a little smug when I see all you folks shoveling out from under all that nasty white stuff in February and it’s a nice 75–80 degrees here, (I love February). Of course, I’m sure you feel the same way when another hurricane in bearing down on us or you see that our heat index is well over 100.

florida heat toohot2 too hot1

So, yes, I’m whining about the heat again. You should hear me in October, when I know it’s peak season for the changing leaves! So I turn my a/c down, buy my fall decor at hobby lobby. and wait ’til I think the heat won’t melt the glue on the wreath so I can hang it on the door. By the way, I did learn that, although they will start selling pumpkins in early Oct., if you plan on making a jack-o-lantern don’t buy one for your front porch til the day before Halloween. Let’s just say the sun and humidity is not kind and your cute pumpkin can attract all sorts of yukky bugs, scary indeed!

bad jack o lantern

Although I may hate the heat, being less than 2 hours from the gulf and the Atlantic ocean is pretty cool! And I do love Disney, so being 45 minutes from there has its benefits — I just don’t go in the summertime unless it’s at night. And it is wonderful to sit outside in the winter months and not worry about getting frostbite. So I guess Florida has it’s advantages just like everywhere else.

florida winter.jpg

And like my Mom says…”You have to bloom where you’re planted.”


(even if you may wilt a bit occasionally) — that part’s mine….

So join me here in Central Florida or call me if you want to find a new home, maybe with a pool…. I promise to make sure you have a/c!

God’s Peace!!