As 2017, comes to a close Its important to reflect on the past year with all that life’s journey presented. First I want to acknowledge God our Father Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with life for the last 365 days. Thank you for being the anchor to my soul the foundation I stood on -relying on your light to shine brightly through me onto others.

This past year I invited you into my heart each new day with expectancy, excitement and anticipation of how you would use me in world that is searching and crying for but a flicker of light. As expected you showed up many times this past year in the times of joy and to those who’s pain was excruciating at times.

Not to mention my own excruciating pain. Thank you for shining this light unto your children offering a glimmer of hope to those who were struck by mental illness, bitterness, rejection, hopelessness, fear, loss, addiction, and the many other strongholds and challenges that plague this earth.

I’ve recognized this past year that You will work in the lives of those who believe in you and believe that you will turn the darkness into light. You have done this for me not only through this last 365 days but since inviting you into my heart.

I want to reflect on the difficult times of my own life this year that seemed painful but not as excruciating because You were there through difficulties with relationships, sometimes with those I love dearly, trying to fix things that I did not have the power to fix for others or myself.

The biggest challenges were the struggles and challenges that would occur to those closest to me my children, Husband and Family this was the most difficult for me at the time it was happening. At the time it was difficult to see how Your light shined brightly. It was difficult at the time because I was trying to change, resist, control or fix the outcome.

I realize now that this caused me much more suffering. I was ‘fighting’ and not ‘accepting’ what was happening at the time because of the fear of not having the answer to what the outcome would be for those I love or myself. This was causing much more pain than you wanted for us.

As I reflect I’m able to see how ever so close you were then and now. As I reflect on the darker experiences this past year they can be viewed through a lens of thankfulness not because of the suffering we endured but for how You would turn it into good. As Romans 8:28 promises-

“ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

As I look through the lens of the many experiences that seemed darker than I anticipated I am able to see how brightly the light was shining after all. Not only in my own life but in the lives that were put in my path during the last 365 days.

Out of these experiences the good You promised showed up in one way or the other. Maybe -it was hard to see anything good at the time but there was always something I learned or gained from those darker times.

  1. I learned that the Fathers Love is all I need and when I fix my gaze on You and ‘choose’ to TRUST in Romans 8:28 there is great hope that supersedes the darkness.
  2. I learned that TRUSTING in You means to ‘accept’ what is happening even though my flesh wants to resist anything that threatens the “ illusion” of control that I “thought” I had all along and the certainty of the outcome. Which only created additional pain — acceptance and trusting in Your promise Romans 8:28 helps to endure the pain.
  3. I learned sometimes things don’t go as planned or as we would’ve hoped, although this proves difficult at the time If we don’t loose hope and hold onto Romans 8:28 we TRUST that You know the plans you have for Your children. We can put our focus not on the worldly and fleshly things but on the spiritual part of us that is connected to our Heavenly Father who knows all -the pain and suffering lessens.

For this I am thankful because amongst the many blessings you’ve poured out upon my life these past 365 days the darker days can be seen as blessings in disguise.

The past year You have opened the heavens with the gift of life the last 365 days. Thank you for working through me as a vessel or channel of your light, for the many times you’ve shined your light unto my husband, children’s lives, and family. Thank you for the greatest gift of all Your love. I love you papa God

As this new year approaches 2018. I am-expectantly excited to see the restoration, healing, blessings in the lives of my husband, children, family and my self.

I believe this year will be filled with the beautiful blessings of Abraham in whom You-blessed in ALL things exaltation, reproductiveness, prosperity, victory, restoration, peace, love, comfort healing and God’s love, God’s favor and God’s friendship.

I am ‘choosing’ to believe these truths for next year and all those to come -God willing! I am ‘choosing’ to take these truths and walk in these truths each and every day of my life.

I take authority over these truths over my children’s lives and declare that they will walk in these truths each and everyday of their lives.

Thank you for these truths Lord which could only be received by the blood your Son Jesus who shed His blood on the cross. Thank you Jesus! I love you and ask You to continue use me as a vessel of light and love in this New Year 2018

Love your daughter

Tammy Xx

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