A Guide to Quarterly Reflection

Tammy Breitweiser
May 28, 2019 · 3 min read
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It is a core belief of mine reflection is a large part of the learning process. The experience is what teaches you, but it is often at break neck pace. If you do not stop and think about what is happening around you the lessons and takeaways can often be lost.

There are several programs for reflection and lots of discussion around the topic at this time of the year but I am a rebel and have my own way. I am in my last week of school before summer break and the conversations in meetings have centered around this very topic.

My process:

  1. Look back through my school bullet journal. What do I notice? What went well? What didn’t go well? What needs more thought moving forward?
  2. Look through my writing practice notebooks. (Same questions)
  3. Look through my pictures on my phone gallery. What do I notice?

Here are some highlights to my noticings for this quarter:

  • I did a lot of one on one instruction for reading
  • I facilitated lots of professional development centered around the new ILEARN test
  • There was LOTS OF TESTING
  • I worked with 3 consultants at work.
  • I continued with Impact Cycles with teachers and followed up
  • Conversations kept coming up about immediate rewards vs long term rewards and incentives
  • I had to repair my car.
  • Questions for coaching and how to utilize them keep coming up
  • I reconnected with a couple coach friends in a more intentional way — this action played into my one word CONNECT for the year
  • Jim Knight’s Checklist for School Culture was on my mind. (Shared below)
  • I had meetings with lawyers, videos chats, and Zoom calls.
  • I participated in a Flash Fiction mini class from Kathy Fish
  • I honored my Oma’s death anniversary and found out I still cannot write about it.
  • Bradbury trio self challenge is going strong and recorded in a spreadsheet
  • Writing everyday
  • Two Writing Challenges: Two Writing Teacher Blog Challenge and StoryaDay
  • Thought a lot about writing retreats
  • I made a list of things that fill me up and those that deplete me
  • Lots of soccer, baseball, outdoor activities, Sox game, flowers, and the beach

Moving Forward:

  • Continue to write daily
  • Scheduling makes it happen especially with video chats with coaches and other writers
  • I like the idea of a 2-week parameter to keep me accountable — 1 week doesn’t work
  • I have a list of education articles I SHOULD write
  • I struggle with what the next right thing is for my career

Hopefully, you will find some insights into your patterns and goals as you reflect over the past 3 months with my process or one of your own creation! You might just think over the past 3 months on a walk through the forest or on a long car ride.

Jim Knight’s School Culture Checklist:

  1. one to one conversations
  2. creating norms
  3. constantly monitoring reality
  4. implementing better conversations
  5. recognizing and rewarding positive change
  6. walking the talk

Happy Llama Tuesday everyone!

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