Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

The fact is America has spoke, the majority anyway. We don’t care about a black man being president, we don’t care about a woman being president. We didn’t loot and riot when we lost the last 2 elections. But we are tired of having things FORCED down our throat that we don’t believe in. We are tired of having to pay for abortions that we don’t believe in. We are tired of paying higher premiums for insurance that should be OUR CHOICE to have or not have. We are tired of being threatened that our guns will be taken away, because there are psycho people in the world. We are tired of seeing our vets on the street, but giving MILLIONS upon MILLIONS to people who BROKE THE LAW TO GET HERE. I agree with your point about making sure the stories check out so that we all read TRUTH, as opposed to lies. But the FACTS are that Hillary wasn’t the one. She belongs in prison for the crimes she has committed, not in the White House. I am not saying that Trump does not belong in jail if he too has committed crimes. I am fair, and look at both sides of the coin — after all, we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD. I could not vote for Hillary, knowing she is a thief, a criminal, a woman with a daughter that KNOWINGLY got a man off of a rape charge- and laughed about it. I could not vote for a woman who has been bought. Who stole money from us. Who is funded by the same people funding ISIS. It is time that we take our country back, and got back to the principles we were founded on. I am NOT against gay marriage!!!! I am NOT prejudice!!! This was a tough election for everyone and I am not trying to minimize or downplay peoples feelings. But the fact that we are still talking about it just angers me a bit. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT, as long as you are an AMERICAN. You don’t get to pick and choose, the choice was made. So take a deep breath, and be supportive. Give him a chance to make America great again. :) Peace.

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