Discovering God’s Truth

We can go along for quite some time thinking we’ve gotten our act together. We can live “successfully” for years…but not live victoriously. Oh how wise we are to understand the mammoth difference!

When I graduated high school 31 years ago. I was put in special ed classes in order for me to graduate. I had a car accident my senior year and I had to re-learn everything due to a severe head injury I had. There were good days and there were not so good days.

As I have glanced back on just how far I have come…I’m not going to lie to you…it is overwhelming looking at the big picture. My mother and I really never have gotten along. I always thought everything was my fault. Truthfully, my mom always told me that on a daily basis. We have heard, “If you can’t beat them, you join them.”

After being with the same husband and best friend for 28 years. He has always encouraged me to just be me. That sounds very simple but coming from being accused of faults that weren’t mine and having to re-learn everything was a bit confusing to just be me.

When Kelly and I got married in a church with a real preacher and before God 20 years ago. Yes, we lived together for 8 years. I tried to convince Kelly and God that I really wasn’t who they thought I could be. Funny, how they ended up changing me and totally loving me for who I really was this whole time.

We have two very talented and handsome young men we are proud to call our sons. Our oldest just graduated high school…in the top of his class (yes, I had to add that). Because 31 years ago I was struggling to write my name just to graduate. The only reason I got my high school diploma was that my grades and attendance was good enough before my car accident.

When our boys were in elementary school. I always made sure they had library books checked out. There was this reading assignment they had every year. They read books and then would take a comprehension test about the book. I always would go in with the boys to take an AR test about every morning.

I would say that I loved reading to them when they were little. Because if I mispronounced a word or skipped a few sentences they didn’t know. But we started out reading to our boys when they were little and we have encouraged them to read every since. I wouldn’t say that is why they are so smart today…but I would say that reading is probably how they have a better understanding to who Jesus is.

When Kelly and I growing up we heard about a god and that god had a son. We were curious and to be truthful, we were ashamed of how we were living. That if God ever found out about us. We probably couldn’t live up to His expectations. After all…we barely graduated from high school and we knew our parents really could have cared less so why God even care.

After having a second chance at life and reading to our boys when they were little and having them read to us as they were learning to read. Growing up again with our boys and Kelly encouraging me to just be me…just knowing that could be annoying to anyone…well I thought that since I was told that…Funny how God always has to have the last Word.

Because living “victoriously” is our privilege and actually our calling as redeemed children of God, no matter what life throws at us.

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