Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

When my boys were little I volunteered on the nursery hallway on Sunday mornings. There was a lot of things I experienced in life…learning about Jesus was probably the most kindest and comfortable learning experience.

There were particular Sunday mornings I was back on the nursery hallway. There would be certain pastors and high school kids that I would pass by and over hearing their great time they had during YouthQuake. There was a pastor that told me that my boys will go to YouthQuake someday. I rolled my eyes and thought, I just hope my boys take a nap that afternoon.

YouthQuake is a summer camp for the high school students to go to Colorado for a week. They experience roughing it but in a more beautiful way to encounter God throughout the week.

As I look back on those memories and what my boys are doing now. The tears of thankfulness begin to roll down my face. I was always told growing up that I would never matter. So I have had that mindset about myself instilled in me. I always prayed when the boys were little that they would always have the love of Christ in them. They would always rely on His strength and not their own.

I have came a long ways with the strength that God has given me. I say that very sincerely and very truthful. Because I know I could not be where I am if it wasn’t for His Grace! The boys have gone to church camps for several summers. My loving husband went to be a sponsor when they were in grade school camps. They always come back with stories of what they experienced at camp.

Then my oldest finally got to the age that he got to go to YouthQuake for the first time. I was happy and sad at the same time. This summer will be his fourth time to experience YouthQuake and his last time being a student. He is graduating from high school in 2 months. Which I am happy for him and sad my baby grew up. I was told many times that I needed to cherish the moments with my children. I remember thinking if I could get them to settle down long enough to take a nap. I would cherish them better.

As I am writing this my oldest is in another country. He was asked to go to Mexico on a mission trip. As I was greeted by a particular pastor at church I began to ask him if he remembered telling me when I was in on the nursery hallway that my boys will someday go to YouthQuake? He smiled and begin to tell me of the great things he has seen and been told about how the boys are achieving. I told him that the oldest is in Mexico right now. I told him that it is all because of God’s Grace. Then he began saying that my husband and I were a good parenting team.

As I went on with the day. I thought about what he said. I began to cry because someone that wasn’t that close to me would notice anything about me and then notices something that I pray about and want so dearly tells me it is beautiful on the inside and the outside. In my most deepest prayers…I prayed for a family.

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