Do you ever feel like you have life all figured out? Like you think you have done everything possible and nothing could come up that would shock you. I am not going to lie, I have thought this. I have also discovered that it is the wrong way of thinking. But it can be a comfortable way of thinking.

I grew up at a very young age. I know a long time ago there were many that had to go work hard labor jobs at an early age. I actually think that would be easier than growing up at an early age. I realize that my parents weren’t the only parents that got a divorce. We didn’t hear that much about mental illness when I was younger.

One can live comfortably in their own guilt. Thinking everything is just fine because they are not hurting anyone else but themselves. Which in reality they are destroying families and everyone around them.

I have children of my own and a loving husband now. I am always telling them I love them and trying to show that I love them the best I can. There has been days I have failed to show them. I know that they know we will always be a family.

As my oldest son graduated from high school and my youngest son starts his first year at the high school. I realized that high school years go by very quickly. My youngest son will start driving soon. Which kinda scares me. My oldest has been somewhat a cautious driver. But they are boys and it still scares me.

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