Some Feel The Rain…Others Just Get Wet

Have you ever stood out in the rain? There is something about rain that makes me happy inside! It may be dark and gloomy outside. But it is what you feel on the inside that can let the light shine in the darkness. You probably have heard that saying that some people smell the roses, while others complain about the thorns.

Life can be excruciating. Crushing in fact. The sheer magnitude of our worries can press down on our heads until we unknowingly descend into a pit of despair one inch at a time. Something so horrible can happen that we conclude we’ll never be okay again. We can blow it so badly we think God would as soon we stayed under that mud and mire and out of his sight.

But the Bible teaches that there are no lost causes. No permanent pit-dwellers except those who refuse to leave.

Every person can know the complete redemption of Jesus Christ, a purpose for life, and the fullness of joy.

No…life won’t ever be easy, but the trade off is a spin around planet earth that actually means something.

Isn’t it crazy that even the painful but familiar can be comfortable? It may be comfortable…but it’s NEVER God’s best for you.
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