The Importance of Self-Confidence

4 reasons that self-confidence is crucial to a good life, and 3 ways to increase your own self-confidence.

4 reasons that self-confidence is important:

1. Potential romance. Most people are far more likely to be physically or romantically attracted to someone who is self-confident than someone who lacks confidence. That holds true even if you’re already in a relationship. Your partner will be more likely to be turned on by you if you seem confident.

2. Friends. Again, people are attracted to confident people. Even if it’s just for hanging out. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who’s depressed or moping around. Popular people are self-confident before they become popular.

3. Money. You’ll go farther, faster in the workplace if you’re confident. Promotions, raises, and sales come to those who are pleasant to be around and are willing to “put themselves out there.” Not so much for people who hide or shirk from tough assignments.

4. Law of attraction. Harnessing the law of attraction requires confidence. If you have no faith in yourself, and you think that what you’re trying to manifest won’t work, then it probably won’t.

Look at how you feel about yourself and your chances of success in relationships, your careers, and your other endeavours. Have you been shrinking from making new friends or trying out new projects because you’ve been afraid you wouldn’t succeed?

Well, you can’t succeed if you don’t start.

If you see that you’ve been shrinking away from tough (but rewarding) stuff, or you’ve been hiding because you’re afraid of rejection, then it’s time for a change. Quick!

The thing is, if you lack confidence, then it’s probably a habitual way of thinking. And you won’t change that (bad) habit over night. So it’s going to take doing something different EVERY DAY to change your thinking EVERY DAY.

3 ways to increase your self-confidence:

1. Make a list of things your good at. Make a list of people who love you. (Put yourself on there.) Make a list of cool things you’ve accomplished. And read it to yourself in front of a mirror and smile. Add to it and read it at least once a day for a while,

2. Get yourself some subliminal self-confidence music and listen to it often. (Supermind Apps has one that I like in their Holosync iOS app.)

3. Motivational speakers. I think Tony Robbins is a good one, but there are lots more people who do a great job, too. Check them out of Youtube and latch onto the videos or products of someone who you really “get” and who pumps you up.

Again, if you usually lack confidence, then doing something about it one time is not going to help much. You’ll need to do something about it every day for a long time (maybe even for the rest of your life) in order to permanently change your thinking.

But it will be worth it. Control your mind, control your life.

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