Oh dear, what’s this

On an usual not-particularly productive Sunday afternoon after starting the day too late and groggy from weed brownies and G&Ts from the night prior and feeling that I might as well forget about/waste the day (again) on short term gratification (yum yums?) followed by regret: Then I turned my phone off (as in actual right swipe & power off off) and felt liberated and pretty great. Like I just got a second chance at this day, like the horizons broadened and the clock was just a number and not a bomb counting down. Then I got a promising email from Okinawa which I then replied to directly. Progress.

And then I spent 5 minutes re-visiting other blog platforms where I have dipped my toes in previously, and swiftly abandoned to come to the conclusion that I’ll try this instead. Oh dear….

To press “publish” on something written for my “notes” app on my laptop.

Then I felt the need to find a cool pic to go with these words and had to turn my phone back on to find photos, after a whole 10 minutes, maybe, of liberation. Fuck. I saw immediately 2 messages I had been waiting for, hmm..perhaps I really should turn my phone off more often. So I give up on a pic, closes lightroom, vsco and instagram, press long and hard on that top right button, then press share.