It’s Time for a Workplace Revolution.

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Okay, that’s it. I’ve had it. I’ve reached my breaking point. We’ve heard the recent statistics — around 70% (or in some reports, higher) of workers are miserable and unengaged at work. We can’t sit and wait and hope for leaders to change.

It’s time for a revolution.

What do I mean by revolution? It’s time for each person to get involved in changing the culture in your organization, at every level. It’s time for each person to contribute in putting heart back into the workplace. It’s time for each person to act and get involved — not wait for top leadership to change and/or magically fix the problems. It’s not going to happen. You’re going to have to DIY.

What, you say? I can’t?! What if I face retaliation, or get fired?!

There are many things you can do to create change in your organization, without marching in and burning down the place. Here are three steps for change:


EVERYONE IS A LEADER. Let me say this again. EVERYONE IS A LEADER. Change begins with you. The world needs your light. Your organization needs your light. I don’t care what position you hold in any organization — you have an impact. Everything you do creates a ripple effect (positively or negatively).

Speak your truth. Be authentic. Be honest about how you feel. Be yourself. Be a role model to others. Deepen relationships with your co-workers — which brings me to my next point….


How much positive reinforcement/recognition do you receive at work? I thought so. Practicing this tool can single handedly transform your culture, like it did this classroom:

What’s interesting about this video is how this practice spread within the classroom. Students began demonstrating this amongst themselves.

What would happen if we began our day with this kind of positive connecting message each day? Can you imagine how would it impact you, and your environment?

Try this for one week, and watch how it impacts the people around you.


Top leaders set the tone for an organization. Change comes from the top. We’ve all heard this, right? What happens when the leaders are out of touch, unaware, or simply aren’t interested in hearing feedback? Employees want change but don’t know how to communicate it to leaders, or are afraid. What can you do?

Get involved and get your team members involved. Create culture committees to formulate your ideas and concerns, and reach your top leaders by offering creative solutions to these issues. Show how happier, engaged employees will affect their bottom-line or overall organizational goals (there is plenty of research supporting this).

Suggest they involve a third-party (such as a Coach/Consultant) to assist as a neutral party and conduct a culture assessment to help name the issues and offer solutions.

Nothing is going to change unless you get involved. It’s time for a revolution!

Who’s with me?

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Tammy Holzer is a Leadership and Transformational Coach who helps organizations create inspiring, engaged and caring workplaces so they can CHANGE THE WORLD. For more information, or to request her as a Speaker for your next event, visit