I’m not a sappy person but…

As graduation gets closer and closer, I can’t help but be grateful to live with 3 magical unicorn mermaid goddesses.

one of our first polaroid!!

The dynamic in our apartment is really weird and I love it so much. Our apartment motto is basically: troll each other lovingly. I would get one Facebook tag by one of them in some dumb thing, then another wholesome one.

Whenever I have a long day on campus, I find myself looking forward to coming home and being a couch potato with them.

First meal together — fresh af roomies

This isn’t gonna be a long post or anything. This is more for our apartment’s amusement (mostly mine) in the future.

facemask party was wild (hahahah)
Making spring rolls with matching Perry shirts (picked out by Justine of course)

Monica Appreciation

Monka/Phyllis is one of the secretly silliest person ever. She is fierce womxn but scared of everything at the same time. If Monica was a dessert, she’d be like cotton candy — nice to look at and fluffy to taste. I’ll never forget when you brought a demon to our apartment….a demon dog named Frodo. Even though our place smelled like poo and was filled with cries (from us) all the time, a part of me feel that we all bonded more through a common enemy. Thanks for taking core conditioning and yongmudo with me. Don’t forget to use your lugnuts.

Yongmudo Master!!!
When I had a really stressful week and Monica did my dishes. #never4get

Euner Appreciation

If you’re reading this- Thanks for being stupid with me. I love sharing geeky stuff like podcasts and books with you. You’re like the best of both worlds — one second you’re crying at the sight of beautiful flowers, and the next you’re booty popping to ratchet music. She is like medium firm tofu- looks a bit hard on the outside but still soft. But even softer on the inside.

What a strange creature.

Sometimes I’m mean to Eunice and/or her friends but only because I think she deserves the best. If what she’s saying/doing or who she’s with is not the best for her, my inner tiger comes out. Eunice also gets anxiety and screams all the time but things always work out, because she is an amazing goddess!!!

coconut bewbs
couple goals

Justine Appreciation

The smol-est but toughest unicorn of this apartment. She’s kinda like hot cheeto. When you first eat it, it’s not that spicy — then suddenly your mouth is on fire, but you can’t stop eating it!!! Justine is one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had and…. (according to Wayland) the best story teller ever. I don’t know how she does it but she can make you feel like everything’s okay even when you’re having the crappiest day. Thanks for being a voice of reason in our apartment!!

walked to zipcar at 4am to take me to the airport. lovelove!!!

I just want to give a shoutout to Greg, the real hero of apt 301. Thanks for letting us live here.

me: just write a nice cover photo caption // inner me: be extra and write a medium post
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