power is my birthright

Who was so afraid of you that they had to punish you for being powerful?

That’s a question a friend of mine posed in a conversation about why people are so willing to be sheep. There’s an internet meme running around “sheeples”. It’s derogatory — Captain Obvious moment there. There are too many humans on the planet right now that just swallow what they are fed without questioning. Nobody admits to ‘believing what they read on Facebook’ and I still hear people talking about what they read on Facebook as if it’s hardcore scientific fact.

All up in the presidential election drama right now here in the U.S. and how many people actually read the full scope of candidate’s platforms? How many authentically research the allegations? The stats on these answers are terrifying because the reports give answers like…almost no one.

And yet we will use these viral memes as facts and we are going to elect our next president based on this ummm, what? Information? Rumors and drama are not facts, just sayin’.

We didn’t get here because we are born as sheep. Humans are naturally inclined to seek power. That’s why babies learn to crawl, to feed themselves and why they do it instinctively. Apex level predators are born to survive and have a massive amount of autonomy. Humans are apex level predators by our biological design.

So…indeed. Who was so afraid of your power they had to punish it into submission? And then wonder…who taught them that lesson? And why?

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