Affordability Will Start With Luxury Buildings
Fedor Novikov

Great Article Fedor Novikov! I see your points about going the high-end route and slowly working towards affordability. Reading your article however, I am reminded of a different approach to affordability: the Sears Catalog Homes. It is facinating to me that 70 years ago, Sears was able to sell and ship ~100k houses by mail orders! The designs were not the most innovative but were affordabile by the masses and were fitted with cutting edge technology of the time ( heating, indoor plumbing and electricity). As such, if we are talking about affordability, I am more convinced by the approach of WikiHouse than AcreDesigns. More than likely the future of architecture/residential construction will be made of both apporaches. I think Acre and the like have an amazing product and will likely succeed. However, I believe a project like WikiHouse will have far more expansive reach and room for innovation.

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