RC week #9 + #10

A whole Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6 Week7 Week8 . It finally happened. I broke the chain and didn’t write about week 9 :(

Ten weeks have passed since I began my programming journey at the Recurse Center! Ok. Here’s what happened on the ninth and tenth week.

  • Continued to make progress on my React app.
  • Attended a p5js “Let’s make art” session organized by Andrew.
  • Met with the ‘Blogging Buddies’ group and chatted about all things blogging. We also agreed that each person blog about why they actually blog. Here is my post about why I blog.
  • Paired with Anna on React. We are both working on a similar idea and running into similar problems. So it was really helpful/fun to figure things out together.
  • Got back on my Yoga schedule, which I am really happy about!
  • Attended a tutorial on Webpack given by Jeff. This was helpful as I had tried and failed to write a webpack config from scratch. I am also excited to get hot module reloading working with React.
  • I talked to Nancy about starting the job interview process soon. Since this would be the first time I would interview for a technical position, I don’t exactly know how to feel. If I go by other people’s and the blogospheres’ account, it looks to be a mostly dreadful experience. We shall see…
  • Progress on my React Project: Now you have the ability to add new boards, add different kind of notes to each board, edit, delete or modify a note, ability to add a p5js sketch as a note and more architecture modifications.By next week I plan to finalize it as v1 after adding testing, better ui, local storage, routing and maybeee mongo.

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