A Presidential Character
Donald Trumpf’s campaign for presidency is a circus of white supremacy, and the candidate himself: the ringmaster. He is reminiscent of our favorite disgruntled, irascible and presumably-misguided-though-lovable bigot Archibald Bunker of 704 Hauser Street in Queens, NY. But unlike Norman Lear’s fictitious Archie, The Donald is not a veteran, is not blue collar, is not living and working among the masses, is not a faithfully married man committed to his one and only wife till death do they part, and is not struggling financially to keep a roof over the head(s) of the children he and his one and only wife have conceived inside of his one and only blessed union of marriage. To be honest, I don’t really care about many of Trumpf’s personal choices with respect to his conduct in any of his three marriages: his personal business is his own and as a private citizen of the United States, he is entitled to have his private affairs protected. His personal life is between him and his god (and any/all of his three spouses). But as an equity stakeholder in this country — I am a citizen, I vote, and I pay taxes — I am concerned about who stewards this nation, both as Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America, and as Leader of the Free World. Donald Trumpf has Trumpfeted loudly, proudly, and repeatedly, that it should not be him.
Donald Trumpf is a heavily subsidized snake oil salesperson who has dubiously and deviantly cultivated a reputation for himself as a great business man though in reality, he is not even successful in business. His companies have filed for bankruptcy at least four times. He didn’t start from nothing and climb to the top. He calls to mind the old joke “how do you make a small fortune? (Start off with a larger one).” And the precious few ideas he has shared of policies he would enact as president would never do anything helpful for the majority of his constituents. If fighting poverty and creating opportunity is his goal — the commitment to which could only qualify as making America great again — slashing tax obligations for the wealthiest individuals, including corporations, flies in the face of that objective. We have already seen that wealth never ‘trickles down.’ He has shown the American people nothing exemplary, not his value system, his moral fiber, nor his character. In fact, all he has shown us is that he is an overindulged and entitled white male, who has been allowed to try and fail at no less than four businesses, be bailed out multiple times, victimize his unsuspecting counterparties who it appears he regularly stiffs, avail himself to loopholes and perquisites underwritten by the American public, all the while snatching and grabbing things that may or may not belong to him. And above all: He. Never. Gives. Anything. Back. Mark Cuban, a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher made an invaluable observation: If Donald Trumpf was really an amazing businessman, someone would have come forward praising him as a mentor, extolling him as a mentee, and/or celebrating his wonderful investment ideas. That’s right, crickets.
Donald Trumpf is a solipsist who has made it plain that his only intention is to continuously look out for his own best interest at the expense of anyone else, as he has regularly and repeatedly built a career so doing. Charles Dickens identifies a similar personality type in Great Expectations: 
Not that [he] was of a malignant nature, but that he had too much spare vivacity, and that it was in his constitution to want variety and excitement at anybody’s expense. 
Certainly that is not a presidential character. The steward overseeing an arsenal with enough nuclear capability to eradicate the global population multiple times over should not be invested in his own entertainment at “anybody’s expense.” 
With respect to the coming election, one can only hope that the Bard was inspired to utter prophecy about Donald John Trumpf when he penned MacBeth Act V, Scene V-
…a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more…a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.
Our goal should not be backward looking to make America great again, but to gaze forward intently to make America greater still, ever striving toward a more perfect union. This is something a ringmaster can not be tasked with doing.