My Experience Writing a Phone App with Xamarin in a 1 Week Deadline

  1. How does it feel?

The process of a short deadline is familiar to me as I have been working in the software industry for some time. It was frustrating that the responsibilities of a day job and packing my house to move cross country prevented me from contributing the focus and attention to this project that I would have preferred. Given more time I could have developed a more complete app.

2. Did you learn any “best practices”?

I derived various Forms classes to ease repetitive designs in the interface (ie custom button classes to establish all buttons that would fit that description would be updated by altering a single line of code, etc). Despite starting my experience with the Xamarin API attempting to keep my forms shallow, I ended up adopting the design philosophies that clearly are the intent of design for the framework. By following the API suggested structural dynamics, rather than attempting to force it to follow my preconceived notions of UI organization, allowed the application to function in a more streamlined and organized manner.

3. What libraries did you use, and why?

Beyond the core Xamarin API I also home brewed a mock up of the API that would be used by the simulated service provider. I did this so as to prevent any possible submission of corrupted or false data to a live production service.

Everything else I needed for UI creation and implementation was provided by the Xamarin API so I didn’t require anything else.