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It is the thin end of the wedge of bigotry to bring a case like this what else could it lead to ?

Why do the plaintiffs want to discriminate against LGBT people ?

What harm is there in goods and services ?

The only harm I can see is to their business as LGBT people and those who support the secular law will avoid this establishment. It isn’t a very good business model to pay for an action that can only have a bad effect on sales.

I can remember from about 20 years ago a business term “the pink pound” here in the UK . This was the name given to the commercial trend of attracting sales and services from people who had plenty of spare money . The business community had identified a market that previously had been ignored. Exploitative ? Yes it all is but there are so many thriving businesses today that make their money from LGBT people to the extent that they would never dream of an action like this one from Brush and NiB. LGBT welcome (spend your money here). Anybody will spend more where they are welcome than less where they are not. It seems to me that Brush and Nib have very little business acumen and won’t survive for long . I for one will make sure I walk past their shop If I ever visit Phoenix !! They are currently on my list of places to avoid.

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