Then let the owners run their business as they want.

Yes that would put Brush & Nib out of business fairly quickly but what has happened here is that the company wants a legal exception on grounds of religious belief. The fact that it doesn’t harm them while they are taking a fee has escaped them. This is clearly an attempt to be able to discriminate against people they just don’t like without penalty. They have brought this challenge to a fair and secular law just because they think Jesus wouldn’t like it !!

They just hate LGBT folk and want the law to support them — You can’t have that. They will be sorry when one of their own children turns out to be LGB or T . What would Jesus say to that or would they consider that a punishment from god or maybe an attack of the devil . This godbothery nonsense has to stop. These people need putting in their place and it seems some courts are well versed in doing just that.

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