Aggie ’21 who has worked for ExxonMobil & Disney

Stephanie at Walt Disney World

What is your educational background?

Industrial & Systems Engineering major at Texas A&M University, graduating in 2021.

What were some of the best classes you’ve taken?

What is your professional experience?

Advice from a TAMU ’18 Grad and Chevron GIS Developer

Nick Smart at the 2019 TAMU Datathon

Nick Smart, former Aggie and current Chevron GIS Developer, interviewed with the TAMU Datathon team to provide advice to current students. Read his interview below.

In late October 2019, Texas A&M University hosted a “Datathon”. This 24-hour event provided the opportunity for companies, researchers, and hundreds of students to solve real-world challenges, learn about data science, and hear from leaders in the field of mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. …

Advice from a TAMU ’19 Grad and IBM Data Scientist

Brandon Walker (right) at the 2019 TAMU Datathon

Brandon Walker, former Aggie and current IBM data scientist, interviewed with the TAMU Datathon team to provide advice to current students. You can view the YouTube video at the bottom of this article, or read his interview here!

Hi, I’m Brandon Walker. I’m a data scientist at IBM and I will be answering a few questions that the Datathon team has prepared for me about data science.

What is your educational background?

I was a double major in statistics & economics from Texas A&M University and I graduated in May of 2019. I think statistics…

Written by: Seth Hamilton

Congratulations! You’re sponsoring the world’s first MLH data science hackathon: the Texas A&M Datathon. We’re thrilled you’re joining us on this incredible journey. Your contributions and continued engagement allow us to promote skills in one of tech’s hottest fields by bringing together experts and rookies alike for a data driven, problem solving experience!

If you’re not a TAMU Datathon sponsor yet (or if you’re just an interested passer-by) but would like to learn more, continue reading!

Whether you have an interest in recruiting or a fascination with a particular challenge (or both), we encourage you to bring a team of…

The re-design of the 2020 TAMU Datathon Sponsorship Package!

Written by: Allyson King

Walmart at TAMU Datathon 2019

How the 2019 Sponsorship Package was made…

In large, the construction of the 2019 TAMU Datathon sponsorship package was a giant guess! We did our best to reference similar events’ sponsorship packages for style and content, and then went to the drawing board.


Major League Hacking (MLH) advised us to cater to sponsors with the following goals: branding, hacker engagement, and recruiting. Our 2019 sponsorship package was designed to match these goals. …

Written by: Josiah Coad

What is TAMU Datathon?

TAMU Datathon is a data science hackathon, an annual weekend event where students come from around the world (in 2019 we had attendees from 5 countries) to Texas A&M University to learn about data science (DS) and machine learning (ML) and compete in solving challenges. With our inaugural event in 2019, we became the first Major League Hacking (MLH) datathon in the world!

TAMU Datathon exists to connect the top talent in DS/ML with top companies, lower the bar to entry into DS/ML and encourage collaboration across disciplines.

Our event is student…

E-mail tips to make a strong first impression on a potential sponsor!

Written by: Allyson King

Goldman Sachs at TAMU Datathon 2019

What made TAMU Datathon stand out to you from other events?

“The market niche (data focused hackathon) and the participation of other high-visibility sponsors”- Goldman Sachs

A successful sponsorship campaign relies heavily on the ability to send an enticing email! When drafting the first email to a potential sponsor, it’s essential that you catch their attention and peak their interest.

Spend time creating an email template for your team to use when first reaching out to sponsors… trust me, it’s worth it! …

Tips for listing potential sponsors and finding the right points of contact!

Author: Allyson King (@allysonking)

Facebook, Walmart, and TTI at TAMU Datathon 2019

“Surrounded by data-minded professionals and aspirants, TAMU Datathon is a great way to challenge yourself, meet people, and immerse yourself in the world of big data.” — 2019 TAMU Datathon Attendee

TAMU Datathon 2019 offered introductory data science courses, insights into the use of data science at major corporations, networking opportunities with professionals and students, and challenges to test our participants’ skills. Get this… attendees were able to take part in and enjoy the event for FREE! How was this possible? …

Idaho Datathon was a 5 day event in North Idaho where we focused on a learner track, followed by a data science competition. See the projects and results below!

Datathon Results

Projects Recap

TAMU Datathon Organizers

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