2013 was an active good year! Enjoy!

Witches have hearts too

I never imagined that amidst all of my poisons, dragon eyes and bats, my black cloak, pointy yet crooked hat, bruised pale skin and acres of imperfections. I may find something like this.
I hopped on my broom as usual in search of a toad’s limbs for a new potion.

While seeking my item, I fell off my broom
I was injured; scars,scalds, various lacerates. 
I became blind as a mole, I search of spectacles to aid my terrible sight. Pricked by a thorn, blood trickles down my finger. I squint to find what had done this, I saw it illuminated by nature, my vision still blurry I grab hold of it and for once real magical happens.

I feel my cold heart, rekindled with my pulse.
My skin grows radiance, my sight regained and all imperfections vanish. 
I turn round to see my broom, now merely domestic. 
I walk over to the river and my reflection startles me, 
I weep because my beauty is come, and you are my illuminated flower.