2015; piece on gender equality


We get degrees, remembering the only work available is domestic

“ Get your knife, get your mop!”

Tell me Why ? Why so petty? An evident miscode

“ Change the diapers, wash the dishes! “

We have grown to fill these shoes, the usual demotics

“ Do not stop till it sparkles!”

Do not be ridiculous no time for such, you want to join the medicos?

“Scrub without fail, We might consider you”

You did great, unfortunately all you can be is our modiste

“Rinse the soap out alongside your dreams”

We will let our aspirations be devoured by life, the distome

“Wipe the windows alongside your tears”

We lay green and decaying awaiting life, the cestoid

“ Cleanse your soul and clear the clutter in your mind”

As life links to lenience and watch as She co-edits.

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