Another 2013 piece, I remember so vividly, was jealous & insecure about my crush being around his ex.


A weird addiction you’ve won a segment of my heart.
It’s hard, flickers of happiness and depression 
All due to Celsius.

Envy and jealousy driven
The gear is kicked in action
but a speed limit each time 
 Ohh Celsius.

I wonder why things end up this way,
Why you eat your cake and have it?
Nevertheless one can’t measure all parameters, Celsius.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears but a penguin from a chasm comes to ruin the hay for the meekest of Horses. 
All this fuss to measure up to you, Celsius.

The tulip grows without supply
no water nor sunlight left to fend for it’s self. 
Survival of the fittest
All this due to 

  • Fun fact; His name was Kelvin, thus the play upon words changing it to Celsius, since both are units for measuring temperature.
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