Another from 2013; a piece on the struggles of life.


Life is but an ocean.
you don’t realize your drowning till it’s too late.
With all that weight on you, a 100kg of emotions and a billion unfulfilled dreams in mind.

I’ve never been a saint,
however there are only two life guards, your conscience or your deity,
either way you must end up perplex, as the obstructions and predating fishes try to cause problems in the deep blue.

The moss and liverwort never enough to soothe the soul, as one yearns for much more to feed on in order to satisfy cravings. Because all of the basics; oxygen, salt and light aren’t never enough for optimum yield. 
This lead to the downfall of the unfortunate fools as resources were not enough and never will be. We must feed till we reach the innermost.

Turbidity of our habitat proved blurry.
oil leakage, debris of sewage waste.
It wouldn’t let you look deeper and see those things you didn’t before. 
It never lets you struggle, until the sea weed is all the way up to your throat, until your last struggled breath is gone, until you’ve succesfully drowned, cold as an iceberg, pale as can be, lifeless as one who never had breath.

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