My first ever piece on my tumblr from 2013. You guys will be getting lots of throwback pieces today. Enjoy!


When you lose someone you love, various come to mind. 
Not to believe,to follow suit or even cry
Lastly, comes the phantom, “ Why? ”, “He is not to be questioned”, “Everything happen for a reason” the preacher said.
But is it just to loose a loved one ?
My chest and eyes are heavy, I sit and wonder gazing as though,
I was hypnotized. It didn’t click then, it never does
Until you realize that special one is gone

This BLACK such an oppressor; ravens,panthers,coal and tar. 
No strength to solicit,probe or quiz,
Life becomes utterly hazy,murky and dim
all dismal thoughts of retribution ignite in your mind as you try to;
migrate,evolve,transit,progress from all sinister thoughts of the past, subsequent life of those who have perished. Celestial in nature will enjoy, while hades calls on whom transgress.

Why the sins and trespassing,if those affectionately involved with them, Suffer the real wrath of death.

  • I know what you’re thinking, I definitely thought writing was about using big words are the time.
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