One of my favourite pieces ever from 2014 for my strong great grandmother who kicked the bucket.

Ode to Great Grand

Thou hath shone the light,

Those grey streaks brought forth exuberance,

Mine comfort to be held tight’

It seems to have faded in but a glace,

I prithee put up a fight.

Thou hath been mine comfort,

Betwixt this labyrinth that is life she laid.

Mark my utterances, she fought!

“Nay” said me, “Ne’er to pass” said our gut,

For some things do fade.

Thou hath served thy purpose,

The sand in thy clock ticked and spilled a century over,

A reason mounted for all, ne’er surpass the dose

Luck is nay, none four-leaf clover

For blessings shone eternal, ne’er to pass away.

Thou hath been a mother,

Glimpses of multitude generations,

Hath never been a bother,

Her smile shone for all, granting illumination

E’er beautiful, it’s kin et epitome thus look no further.

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