I have no doubt
H. Nemesis Nyx

Ah, I see now that you’re responding to the same character who wrote the piece titled “Questioning Feminism — The Myth of the Oppressive Patriarchy”.

I won’t link it because I don’t think it deserves the hits.

I stopped reading that one when I got to this part.

One theme of feminism that does not make sense to me — on a gut level — is that of the oppressive patriarchy. I agree that men are powerful and are more often in positions of leadership making the decisions for the group. However, it has been my experience and I have been witness to far more examples of this leadership being one of protection and concern for the well-being of others than one that oppresses and seeks to harm women.

I wondered…if the powerful men are out to protect the women, who are they protecting the women from? If they are concerned, what are they concerned about? Oh, men.

I’m sick of Medium promoting troll-level clickbait :(

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