The feature I most want today is

following a publication…
except for stories by certain writers


Because I die a little inside every time one of Tiffany Sun’s stories shows up in my feed.

(I’m sorry — that sounds really mean. But it’s how I feel.)

I don’t follow Tiffany; her stories end up in my feed because I follow certain publications that choose to publish her stories. I don’t want to unfollow those publications, but my only other option seems to be blocking Tiffany. And she’s done nothing to warrant that. I mean, she seems nice enough, and reasonably smart, and she’s never tried trolling me.

I just don’t like what she writes .

She’s a prolific clickbait writer, and I’m not here for the clickbait — I want the deep and meaningful words.

So today’s feature-wish is for the ability to exclude writers from my feed without blocking them.

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