Your Story Matters

Hello! I am running a project on Chalkboard that involves multiple recorded readings of a poem to unmask different interpretations and meanings. (I think it’s going to be awesome!)

A poet has submitted a poem that is currently published in The Creative Cafe. We would like to republish this poem as part of the project, and attribute your publication as the original.

I have read your guidelines, but they don’t state how you feel about poets republishing elsewhere, so I thought I’d clear it with you first — are you okay with it?

Please note that as a general rule TheCC does not accept stories that are currently or previously been published in another Medium publication. This simply comes down to common courtesy and a healthy respect for the other publications here on Medium.


Tamyka Bell

P.S. If you say no, we’ll find a workaround, but it will fit better with the rest of the project if you say yes.