Reflecting and Musing on Poetry in Form
Rachel B. Baxter

Hi, Rachel. I like it how it is.

But, seeing as you want to try new things…

On prompts: I like the idea of an exercise prompt rather than a writing on topic prompt, if that makes sense. For example, stealing the first line of an existing poem and form and taking it some place else in a different form. Or writing a poem comparing a flower to a season to an emotion. Or writing a haiku about an endemic plant species or a sonnet about hat-wearing bears.

On tutorials and explanations: I think this will really only work if it’s bigger and better than the many tutorials and explanations already out there. Or you could just point us to some of the existing articles and explain the benefits of each. I very much like the idea of these being lessons with a related follow-up exercise. For example, you might have a piece on fib poems that ends with a choice of three topics for writing your first fib.

On reflections: While I’d find these pieces interesting now, I’m not sure how interesting they’d be in the long-term. They might clog up the feed, so to speak. I suppose you could always have prompts within them :D

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