I’m tempted but…. don’t know anything about recording in sound cloud😱
Shirley Jimenez

Hi Shirley Jimenez,

You’re welcome to just record your file on your computer or phone, and share it with us via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. if you prefer. One of our readers did that for the first round, and it works just fine.

If you’re interested in using SoundCloud, it’s pretty straightforward — you sign up for a free account, record and upload your reading, set it to “private”, and submit the share link. (If you only have a phone, you’ll also need to download their creator’s app for managing your tracks, called SoundCloud Pulse.

Zev figured it all out, and Bossyhead did, too, despite some tech problems and only having a phone to record with, so I am confident that you’ll manage as well :D What’s the worst that could happen — you’ll learn something new :)