As a surfer, I’m a little annoyed with the comments about the new image posted (since changed): that the girl surfer is just “standing there” and “looks bored”. It’s a little harder than that, and believe me it’s not boring to be riding a wave like that ;) It’s a beautiful image of a longboarder gliding gracefully through a wave.
I’m really happy about this article.
Lauren Cucinotta

I apologise if these comments caused offence — I certainly didn’t mean to imply that longboarding is not an athletic pursuit.

I haven’t done it myself, but I’m no stranger to surf sports and I can’t think of any that aren’t physical, so it’s not an assumption I’d make — though I can see how I may have misled readers into thinking that. Thanks for pointing it out.

I checked out the accounts you mentioned (except Brooke’s, which seems to be private), and the photos seem to convey a sense of movement and joy and presence that I didn’t get from Billabong’s photo. Perhaps her expression is meant to look serene or peaceful, and that just didn’t come through to me. If it’s speaking to the target audience (presumably you), though, that’s perfect.

Can I ask what you think of the different filters used on the two images?

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