I’ve always loved that quote. It explains so much, doesn’t it? So the people who made this story up, or at least altered this story to be about money, would much rather kill than be put in a position where they would have to pay damages?
Conspiracy Conspiracy
Aura Wilming

I think it can be more than this, both a confession of their own character and of the characters they’ve been exposed to. So maybe it’s not only the things they have done (or considered doing to others), but also the things they have seen done by others (perhaps to them) that have led them to believe money is worth more than life.

I am always very, very suspicious when someone accuses me of something I’d never do, because I reckon there’s about a fifty per cent chance they’re planning on doing it to me. (And the alternative is that they’ve had it done to them, which I wouldn’t really wish for.)

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