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I took the test!

I’d just graduated from high school and was walking through the Brisbane CBD with a few friends. Yes, we’d heard that IQ tests don’t really work on adults (unless that’s an urban legend). Didn’t matter. It was hot, and we wanted shade, so we took the test. I guess the school habit was still with us.

In addition to the IQ test, of course, out came the personality profiling.

Once we’d been graded, they came out to tell us how we went. They told me my IQ was 134 (I think, but it may have been 143, but surely 134 was sufficiently ludicrous for their purpose) but—here we go—I had some emotional areas I needed to work on in order to achieve my full potential.

I called bullshit before I ever got to hear about the aliens, but not before they told me one of my friends had an IQ even higher than mine. I didn’t buy that for a second (forgive my vanity—I was just a kid!) and laughed so hard they decided to boot us out for not taking it seriously.

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