It happened on Twitter

a spontaneous collaboration with Dewi

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‏@babablue Jan 8

Inspiration comes!
Tension built, keyboard ready.
Huh, it’s just a fart.
#haiku #depressing #2017

@tamyka Jan 12

As it comes, it goes,
in an explosive burst…we’re
glad it’s not a shart.
#senryu #couldbeworse #2017

@babablue Jan 12

Best when fermented,
ideas; learn its contrast
with the IBS 
#senryu #ibs

@tamyka 22h

The jungle rumbles;
molten lava rivers run — 
Giardia reigns.
Inspiration flushes down
grey and white matter with brown.
#tanka #giardiasis

@babablue 21h

Great things comes harder
you’d think it’ll never get better
Don’t squeeze
It’ll ease
Just be sure there’s paper
#limerick #toilet @tamyka

@tamyka 18h

I’m in the zone when — ugh! — the stench
cuts to the bone. I have to clench, 
which makes me groan. I dig a trench (more to follow)

@tamyka 18h

@babablue (continued)
to set the tone. I use a wrench.
Let it be known that I’m no wench,
it’s land I own that I now quench.

@babablue 17h

When it
runs it rains in
iambic meter thrown
into whirlpools of chaotic
#cinquain #inspiration

@tamyka 13h

eye strain
irises clenching
taut like sphincters
obscuring views of Uranus. 
#fibpoem #inspiration #shit


@tamyka 13h

@babablue wait I did something weird there with my cut and paste and I’m so tired zzzzzZZZ

@babablue 13h

@tamyka here we go.. again?! Lol. Feel free to delete and redo your last one btw

@babablue 13h

@tamyka Did this whole clenching thing tired you out? I apologise.

@tamyka 13h

eye strain
clenched taut like sphincters
obscuring views of Uranus.
#fibpoem #fixedit #rightthistime #bedtime @babablue

@tamyka 13h

I clenched my jaw, I stomped my feet,
I clenched my fist and stuffed my tweet,
(more to follow)

@tamyka 13h

@babablue (continued) 
I clenched my sphincter nice and tight
and fell asleep. To all, goodnight. 
#iambictetrameter #couplet #goodnight