Tent camp with two motorcycles with sidecars on Falster, Denmark. Positive printed on Velox paper. Photo by Lklundin (WikiMedia Commons), licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. The original artwork is by the publisher’s grandfather; Copyright belongs to the family.

Paper tent design

three found haiku*

In this short project, I erased most of the text on a single page of a sales strategy book and was left with three short poems. I’ve published the three found haiku (or senryu, or hybrids) individually. They’re currently locked, but I’ll unlock them in future (and hopefully remember to update this page).

Scroll down to see the original source text in its erased state.

Three erasure poems by Tamyka Bell

These poems are part of Sell her a soul or nothing at all. I found it in
Bowman, Peter (2012), Service 7, A&A Book Publishing, Australia, p. 51.

*Yeah, as I said, they’re more like senryu or hybrid haiku.