Review: Dislocated by Max Andrew Dubinsky

Dislocated is a novella that presents several chapters of an online serialised graphic novel with the same name. I read the e-book in two late-night sessions, interrupted by a couple of days. The first session followed immediately after I’d seen Paranormal Activity 4 and the second was Halloween — you could say I was in the mood for a good scare. But credit where it’s due — Dubinsky does a great job of building and maintaining suspense at a level so high it would be dangerous if the book was any longer.

While there are still a few ‘read-me-twice’ passages that could benefit from tighter editing, they only detract a little from an otherwise convincing portrayal of the protagonist, William Scott. The evenly paced first person account gave me the impression of watching (or listening to) someone else playing a video game — change it to second person and I’d think I was a player. Hmmm, you say. Perhaps this sense led me to a more favourable view of the e-book’s ending.

I had no intention of getting involved in the serialised graphic novel, but I do now: this e-book has left a strong impression on me and I’ve started following the author’s Disclocated blog.
Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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