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a cut-up poem from Living in Brisbane, March 2018
with thanks to Brisbane City Council
and especially to Connor O’Grady for THAT dress

Photo by Mabel Amber (Pixabay)

my grandfather once owned
white cardboard flowers,
designed to represent
our commitment to keeping
the whole family together

because I already had been working on
the family home, a once-in-a-generation wonder
constructed entirely from storytelling —

and recognising our opportunity to
learn the stories which have shaped us,
our chance to explore the elements together —

I had to see these cardboard off-cuts

there was a lot of old paper

it was difficult to
keep the whole family together

I merely recycled words. Connor O’Grady recycled paper into wearable art. I am awed to find such talent in my hometown. A story in my council newsletter about his paper dress sparked my imagination and shaped my story. Please read the newsletter to learn more, and visit Connor’s Instagram page to show your appreciation.
Photo and poem by Tamyka Bell; source text: “Living in Brisbane”, March 2018 by Brisbane City Council. Background image by Savill Galleries; original artwork: “Black Cliff River with Cleft”, 1975, by Arthur Boyd.
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